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Monday, January 16, 2017

Know Your Learning Style :)

Last month, I attended a time management and motivational talk by Prof Madya (B) Habshah Binti Bakar, ex lecturer at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). Supposedly, this talk about time management but I was more interested about the "Learning Style". 

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"Life is a journey towards a destination. You may face delays, transit, hardship. You develop along the way character, experience and wisdom."
~ Prof Madya (B) Habshah Binti Bakar

What is your learning style??
  • Visual

Visual peoples rely upon a visual learning style, they often say something like "Show me and I'll understand." Visual learners benefit from diagrams, charts, pictures, films, and written directions. They find it difficult to remember verbal instructions because their minds tend to wander. They are less distracted by noise and they use visual predicates like, I see what you mean or I get the picture. A visually-dominant learner absorbs and retains information better when it is presented in visual information not written or verbal information.
  • Auditory

People who are predominantly auditory do things more rhythmically. They can repeat instructions back to you easily and are distracted by noise. Auditory thinkers often tilt their head to one side in conversation, as if lending an ear or on the telephone. They memorize things in steps or sequence and like to be told things and hear feedback in conversations. They can be excellent listeners and enjoy music and spoken voice. Auditory learners succeed when directions are read aloud, speeches are required, or information is presented and requested verbally.
  • Kinesthetic

They do things much more slowly than a visual person. They respond well to touch and physical rewards. They use few hand gestures and generally stand closer to the person they're talking with. They use predicates such as, I want to get a handle on it or a firm foundation and will be able to access their emotions more readily. A kinesthetic-dominant learner prefers a physical experience. They likes a "hands-on" approach and responds well to being able to touch or feel an object or learning prop.
  • Auditory Digital (or Digital)

Auditory digital people will likely manifest characteristics of the other 3 representational systems. In addition, they will talk to themselves a lot and like to make sense of things and understand them. They place a high value on logic and also like detail. They use predicates like, I understand your motivation or that computes with me. As a result of their emotions being attached to the words that they're using to describe, they often are less emotionally attached to outcomes.

How to know your learning style?

Actually, you cannot discover your learning style, but you can know someone else's. First you need to ask them one difficult question that force them to think hardly. Then, observe where the direction of their eye views when they are thinking.
  • Top ~Visual
  • Right-side ~Auditory
  • Bottom (right) ~Kinesthetic
  • Bottom (left) ~Auditory Digital (or Digital)

If you want to discover your own, ask someone else to observe your sight.

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Out of nowhere, I was asked a question from her, "What is the most important thing in your life" and I answered, "My Parents".

I learned a lot from this talk and I'm really hope the readers get some input from this post. #youngblood

                        "You are the one who control your life"                       
~ Prof Madya (B) Habshah Binti Bakar

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