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Friday, January 27, 2017

My Kind of "Makan Besar"

All of the Chinese were having their "makan besar" tonight, we also have our style of "makan besar". I guess this is how we (Me, Suhail & Haikal) celebrated CNY. Later that night, we karaoke like no tomorrow & finished our night with McD supper. Thats how you celebrate CNY's night guys!! :)

Enjoying out fat rice "nasi lemak" & sticky rice + manggo "pulut mangga" at Selera Jaya 223 (the name oh the place)

McD as supper

Actually, this was how our semester break starts or I can call introduction. Later, me & my friend will show how me enjoyed our semester from camping (A Camp to Remember), overnight at luxurious resort ( Menjejakkan Kaki ke Allson Kelana Resort) until jumpstreet. Just wait!!

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