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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Student Finance Survival Tips

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Since I'm still an undergraduate student in local university, I gained a lot of experienced for the past few years. Here are some tips for university student to save or earn some money.

1. "Kos Upah"

  • I don't like to buy original book (reference book), so I just photocopied it. Since we only used it for one semester so why we need to spend a lot on it. Unless we can use it for a few years or semester, it will be worth to buy. What I do? First, I make an announcement to my entire coursemate and they will order it. Then I make the copies according to the number of the person who wants it too. Then I charged it to make a profit to myself. For example, I photocopied a set of book for Rm 26, but I charged it for Rm 30. By using this method, I earned Rm 4 per person. That's how you do  it!  
2. Try to Eat the Cheapest Food
  • The famous food among university student, Nasi Bujang! Just eat Nasi Bujang when you're broke and want to keep your stomach full. You can have an luxurious feast but just once a month. Another food that always save student's life, Maggi!! 
3. Try to earn Funding
  • First, try to earn a scholarship (but it is quite difficult). Then, grab any academic awards (especially when you have a good CGPA) or state foundation offered to students. It is not much but at least you'll get something.
4. Use Discount Card
  • Use the discount card as many times as you can. If you have a choice, choose the shop that received your discount card.
5. Hunt for University Program/ Event
  • Usually university program already prepare food for the participant. Make sure you alert with these program and make sure it is free/ no registration fees. You can save some money since you don't have to invest money on food on that day.
6. Use your talent!
  • It is popular among college student. Every students born with some talents running through their veins. My friends know to cut someone's hair, so he become a part-time barber. We can make profit using our talents including repair electronic gadgets, repair laptop, or programming. On the other hand, you can try the non-talent job such as food-delivery, open a printing service (if you own a printer), driver or cleaning service. Remember, "If you're good at something, never do it for free"~ JOKER  
7. Sell your book.
  • Sell your unwanted books (tutorial books) to your juniors or whoever who wants it. Usually, I just hand it for free but if you want to earn some money, just sell it cheaply. Since it is secondhand, no one wants to buy it with high price, they rather buy a new one. Remember, better get something than nothing.
8. Stop your expensive hobbies
  • You need to stop your hobbies that involving a lot of expenses. For example, if you like go to the gym, you need to pause it and pursue your hobby after you graduate/ stable financially. From what I can see, they spend a lot on gym equipment, protein shake and the gym session. I do understand their passion and determination to build muscles but if it leads to severe condition, they need to think what is the best for themselves. You can start a cheap hobby instead.
9. Become a volunteer
  • Most of the big event (MASUM, Marathon, Sukan SEA) require a lot of workforce and will ask college students to become a volunteer. When we become one, we got paid/ allowance according to how many days we on duty. Besides, we also will received free foods, t-shirts and a lot of networking.
  • Probably the best way to save your money.

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