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Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Bucket-List : Things to do Before I Die

Since I already reached my 20s, a lot of thing i want to do at least before I reach 30. Here is my bucketlist 100 things I want to do before I die. :)

1. Let go of a floating lantern

Image result for floating lantern

2.Join any Sports Tournament

3.Take a Walk along a Dam (DONE)

4.River Bathing early in the Morning (DONE)

5.Watch Sunrise & Sunset on the Same Day (DONE)


7.Snorkeling (DONE)

8.Sleep under the Star (DONE)

Image result for sleeping under the stars

9.Shower under Waterfall


11.Become a volunteer (DONE)

12.Learn Yoga

13.Do a Charity (orphanage)

14.Visit Native Village

15.Sleep in a hammock (DONE)

16.Masquerade party

17.Have Dinner in a Beach

18.Tadom (DONE)

19.Achieve at Least One Academic Award

20.Zumba (DONE)

21.Selfie Khairy Jamaluddin

22.Hang a lot of Polaroid Pictures (DONE)

23.Send a Letter to a Random Address & See if They Write Back

24.Take a Road Trip (Prefer to be Unplanned)

25.Play in the Rain

26.Learn to Play an Music Instrument (Piano Preferred)

27.Completely Change my Hairstyle

28.Ride in Hot Air Balloon

29.Swim with Dolphins

30.Enter an International Competition

31.Visit 7 Wonders of the World (at least one) (DONE)

32.Rope Swing into Water

33.Pull a Prank on Someone Together

34.Participate in a Colour Run

35.Play any Mud Sports

Image result for mud sports

36.Stay at 5 Stars Hotel

37.Go Paintballing

38.Go Parasailing

39.Send a Message in a Bottle

Image result for message in a bottle

40.Paint Your Own Face (DONE)

41.Become a Tutor

42.Go to a Festival

43.Go Bungee Jumping

44.Ride Animals

45.Bake a cake

Image result for delicious cake

46.Have a Good Conversation with Random Stranger

47.Attend any Glow in the Dark Event

48.See any singer perform live

49.Have a Disney Marathon

50.Go Hiking ( a lot)

51.Watch Firework Display Live ( New Year)

52.Take a Random Lesson (photography, language etc)

53.Learn Aerobics

54.Go to a Concert

55.Play with Snow

56.Try Crazy Fashion (Korean maybe)

57.Scream at Top of the Mountain

58.Explore any Cave

59.Try on Crazy Rides (scariest roller coaster)

60.Sabah (Kundasang)


62.Go Rock Climbing

63.Take a Zip Line Ride

64.Take a Walk along Paddy Field (sawah padi)

65.Write a Lot of Letters to Future Me

66.Donate Blood

67.Spend Some Time at a Nursing Home

68.Be a Mentor

69.Make a Huge Poster

70.Become a Photographer

71.Take Great Pictures at Photobooth

72.Attend a lot of Free Seminar

73.Create my Own Poem

74.Get a Foot Massage

75.Spend a Day at a Resort SPA


77.Create my Own Recipe

78.Enter Cooking Class

79.Try New Food (prefer international food)

80.Go to Theater (Istana Budaya)

81.Visit any Art Gallery

82.Playing Giant Bubbles (DONE)

83.Collect any Collection (my choice)

84.Visit Street Art

85.Buy Expensive Gift to my Married Friend

86.Throw a Bachelor Party

87.Visit a castle

88.Go to an Aquarium

89.Leave a note in a library note

90.Have a Picnic with my Friends (DONE)

91.Feed Animals

92.Attached a Lock

93.Watch any Sports Tournament

94.Try an Expensive Drink

95.Have a Flour Fight

96.Play "werewolf" an Entire Night (DONE)

97.Go on Camping Trip (DONE)

98.Perform Anything (DONE)

99.Enter any Free Competition (photography)

100.Start a Blog :) .

I really hope my bucket list will be fulfilled before 30.

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