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Thursday, March 9, 2017

My Current Wishlist :)

Since Im just reach my 20s, there is a lot of thing that i want to do & own...& I need to fill my wishlist with those things. Right now, i'm a full-time student, so my main focus is to study...but I'm still have desire to own a few of luxury item. Looking at my expenses right now, of course owning the those thing will be impossible. Suddenly, an opportunity came right in front of my eye & I'm not going to take it for granted. I will use this opportunity the best as I could. So, Im really hope that ShopBack Malaysia will fullfill my wishlist that I already dreamed to own since a long time ago. First, here is the introduction or steps on "How to Use"

Everyone know how to shop online. But this 3 simple-easy steps will make you have a clearer picture about using

1. Merchants

2. Shopback

3. YOU !!

My Top 5 Wishlist

Handy Lightweight Solid Outdoor Travel Backpack, RM 210.00 (11%)

Not only I have dream about being a journalist, but i'm also have a dream about being traveler. It will be a bless to have my own specific bag for travelling instead of using the multipurpose bag (you know this bag..the exact bag we use to travel, go to class, shopping etc). Looking at these bag, it is trendy and swaggy, suit with my style...which is urban & hipster.


Beats Solo HD on Ear Headphone (red), RM680.00 (15%)

When I was travelling, I love to put some music on. To own the best headphone will be heaven when soothing sound played right to my eardrum. The brand & the colour will boost my attractiveness & sharpen my style. After this, I will enjoy watching movies in my laptop when experience the HD sounf from the headphone.

Adidas Men Adipure Chill Running Shoes, RM 269.00

Since early of this year, I determined to practice a healthy lifestlye & one of them is exercise regularly. Until now, I'm still consistent about the mission, I jog almost everyday. But my old shoes is not in a good condition & owning a brand new shoes will be a medium to fulfill mt determination. I will be more comfortable and agile with the Adidas Running Shoes.


 Canon Digital IXUS 190 Camera, RM 669.00

As a blogger, owning my own camera would be super essential. Before this, I always depend on my camera phone to capture my great moment. But my phone does not produce a sharp image and HD graphics. So, owning this camera will help me to manage my blog well by uploading a great pictures with great quality.

 KIS Iron Plating Dumbell with 20cm Burbell Connector Dumbbells (20 kg Per Set), RM 219.99
Another determination this year is to build some muscle mass on my body or other word "sado". This dumbell will help me a lot to gain a healthy body and put some muscle on.

Shopping here will be easy because you just put the power to your pointing finger to determine what you want. You dont have to search for the item that you want in the specifie shopping mall. In, a lot of discount & promotions offered to the buyer. That why I love #youngblood

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